Our offices

We have a large space with our own studio to work in the best conditions and with the best professionals in a relaxed, young and close work environment.

Our history

Blacknosaur Studio was created as a branch of Blacknosaur for postproduction and 3D design. We have been working for more than 2 years for our clients.

Live in Madrid

Madrid is a cosmopolitan, modern and welcoming city, where you can find any service you desire with a very high quality of life.


Blacknosaur Studio is a post-production and videogame company, with the capacity to face any project related to 3d and new technologies. From our studio we face complete projects as we also provide designs and models to other studios.
Located in Madrid, with a young and talented team, we have worked for industrial companies, museums, sports brands, event companies, etc., with a wide variety of our projects, always adapting to the needs of our customers.
If you decide to work with us you will find a relaxed atmosphere, very close, with great professionals, in addition not only work with people from Blacknosaur Studio, but also with people from Blacknosaur S.C. related to design, web programming and application programming.
We offer competitive budgets and high quality jobs, always using the best technology in 3D and vfx software.